Welcome- The Joint Communications Unit has earned the reputation throughout the Department of Defense as "DoD's Finest Communicators". We pride ourselves in our ability to conduct operations and exercises on a variety of platforms including, but not limited to ships, aircraft, vehicle and field conditions. If you think you have what it takes to become a member of our team, click on the links below and to download the JCU application. You may want to contact a JCU recruiter to answer any questions at (910) 243-0203 or DSN: 383-0203, e-mail JCU RECRUITING.


What is JCU?

Are you interested in joining a team of professional communicators, but want to get a little bit more insight into what our unit is all about?



Why JCU?

Testimonials from current members and alumni that answer the question "Why should I come to JCU?" for potential candidates. 




Recruiting Process

The JCU application process consists of three phases. It requires extensive time and effort from an applicant. 






What's New?

demoWe are excited to announce that JCU was featured in two articles within the Army Communicator Magazine, Spring 2012 edition. Please read the articles below.

MOS Independent

Foxholes to White House



New JCU Recruiting commercials

Please visit the Media page for all our recruiting videos. We also have a YouTube page, don't forget to subscribe.


TecNet Augusta 2014

For more information click here.

Why JCU?

"If you're looking for a place that's like every other unit, this is not that place."

SGM Adcox (Retired)

JCU Operations Sergeant Major


TecNet 2012

Why JCU? Click play on the below video to find out one reason.

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JCU Recruiting calendar.

Find out what JCU Recruiting is doing.

  • There are no upcoming events to show.

Phase III Screening Dates

Screening dates

  • July 18th - July 22nd 2016
    • *********************************************************************
  • August 15th - August 19th 2016
    • *********************************************************************
  • September 19th - September 23rd 2016
    • *********************************************************************
  • October 17th - October 21st 2016
    • *********************************************************************
  • November 14th - November 18th 2016
    • *********************************************************************
  • December 12th - December 16th 2016
    • *********************************************************************





















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"DoD's Finest Communicators"
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